dynamic service

Multi Body Dynamics

Vehicle Ride and Handling

  • Multi body simulation of full vehicle for ride and handling
  • Suspension and steering kinematics
  • Layout of cabin suspension

Load Data

  • Static load cases for fatigue
  • Road load data generation with virtual iteration
  • Fatigue test rig improvement
  • Fatigue of vibrating components, e.g. fuel tank, attachment parts

Powertrain Dynamics and Noise

  • Powertrain vibration analysis and improvement
  • Model correlation to chassis dyno or test track measurements
  • Engine start dynamics
  • Engine mount characteristics

Your Benefits

  • High quality simulations for virtual prototype
  • Fast analysis for acoustic troubleshooting
  • Powerful combination of multi body system and finite element methods
  • Unified models – e.g. acoustics and durability
  • Close integration of customer requirements
  • Flexible work sharing with customer
  • Software tools based on engineering experience

Integrated development process with testing

  • Acoustic measurement
  • Vehicle testing on dyno and track
  • Engine test benches
  • Drivetrain testing
  • Fatigue lab